How we are cost effective?

Using Membership Fees:

In Nepal, no aid association can manage without administrative costs, transport costs, personnel costs, etc…. Not to mention, international money transfers are very expensive! We use membership fees to cover these costs, which we decided unanimously at our general meeting in June 2018.

There is not always a clear dividing line between administration costs and project costs. For this reason, we also speak to sponsors from the industry on topics such as: 

  • The salary provided for our local driver of the Jeep and our on-site cook at the children’s home.

We offer jobs, which allows locals to work in their home village instead of moving to the city in search of work. We are proud to be able to create jobs in this remote mountain world.

Using Calendar Sales:

We also have advertising costs: Each calendar that we sell is a cost to our Association. Fortunately, we earn more money from the sale of the calendar than our advertising costs but ultimately this is not money that arrives in Nepal,  just the “donations” received at the advertising campaigns goes directly to Nepal without any deductions. 

Using Sponsorships and Donations: 

Since we have a very small organizational structure without alot of “overhead”, we still manage to use the majority of the sponsorship for our aid projects. And “Your” personal donations therefore, actually arrives in Nepal without any deductions.