Health & Education

Health Project

With the help of a jeep, we organize patient transports in the Tamang Heritage Region and enable people from remote mountain villages to access medical care at local health facilities. In addition to regular patient transports, the jeep is used for emergency transports on request. Furthermore, we support the hospital in Dhunche and the Healthpost in Syaphru Besi by purchasing and financing medical equipment and supplies.

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Education project

On May 1st, 2019 our children's home in Khamjin, Nepal opened. The children's home was expanded from nine to 15 children for the 2023/2024 school year and is open to children whose families cannot afford to attend school. These can be orphans, half-orphans and children whose families simply do not have the money to go to school with writing materials and school uniform alone. Some families also live so far away from the nearest school that it is not within walking distance every day, accommodation in a boarding school is beyond the financial means and sometimes exceeds a family's entire annual income even for one child. Our local school is about a ten-minute walk from the children's home. The children are between five and 12 years old and attend school classes one to five. The children's home is under dual male and female leadership and employs a cook and foster mother, a kitchen hand and an English teacher. He also takes over the English lessons at the school. Through the children's home, we enable children who would otherwise not be able to attend school to have access to education, which means the difference between a more self-determined life or continuing to live in poverty. In addition to the bedrooms and lounges, the children's home has a teaching and learning room, so that the children also have the opportunity to study outside of school hours.