Helping people help themselves! What’s this?

We saw mostly medical and internal diseases during our medical trip. These can be diagnosed and treated very easily “on site”. This requires general, good, medical training and basic equipment. This is available in principle from the Nepalese doctors and in the district hospital in Dhunche. Unfortunately, the population only accepts slightly the existing medical opportunities. True miracle pills were expected from us as Western doctors. These do not exist and will never exist!

Conversely, due to the language barrier, we Western doctors are only able to treat soul and body to a limited extent. Many people in Nepal are emotionally affected by the earthquake. Different, sometimes Tibetan dialects are spoken in the mountain villages.  Who other than a native speaking doctor, could have a better understanding!

We saw very good medical and clinical reports. In our opinion, the training and general medical education of the doctors is comparable to ours.

Our goal is to bring the people of the mountain region to the doctors in the district hospital. On the one hand, we want to make the transport financially possible, on the other hand, we also have to motivate people to visit their own native-speaking ” Nepalese doctors”. Examination and treatment is free for people in Dhunche (so-called remote area).  But not the laboratory tests. Examinations and treatments in other hospitals are chargeable. Therefore, we have to create financial security for “hardship cases”. (See Projects)