How can I help the Association?

As a regular member, you support the Association with the annual membership fee of € 40.00 Euros *) and, if necessary, with active support in Association projects. For this you have all rights in the general meeting (see §4 paragraph 6).

As a supporting member, you support the Association annually with a contribution that you have determined yourself. You a passive member and your rights are restricted at the general meeting (see §4 para. 8).

How can I become a member?

Please contact us using the “Contact” link.

We will immediately email you the application for membership, the Articles of Association and the direct debit authorization.

Please send the completed application and the signed direct debit authorization back to us by mail. As soon as we have confirmed your membership, you will be a member of our Association.


Extract from the Association’s statutes:

  • 4
  1. Any natural or legal person who supports his goals can become a member of the Association.
  2. The board decides on the application for admission to the Association. As a rule, the application must be made in writing on the Association’s declaration of membership.
  3. Membership ends upon resignation, exclusion or death.
  4. Exit is possible at any time. It is made by means of a written declaration to the chairman.
  5. If a member has seriously violated the goals and interests of the Association or is in arrears with the contribution for one year despite a reminder, they can be excluded by the board with immediate effect. The member must be given the opportunity to justify or comment before taking a decision. An appeal can be lodged against the exclusion resolution within a period of three months after notification of the exclusion, which is decided by the next general meeting.
  6. Members have the right to speak and submit applications, the right to make proposals and the right to vote at the general assembly.
  7. Groups, associations, natural and legal persons can become supporting members of the Association. (& 4 paragraphs 1-5 apply accordingly to sponsoring members.)
  8. Supporting members have the right to speak at the general meeting, but no right to make proposals, no right to vote and no active or passive rights.
  • 5
  1. The members pay contributions in accordance with a decision of the general assembly. A simple majority of the club members with voting rights present at the general meeting is required to determine the amount and due of the contribution. *
  2. Supporting members pay an individual annual fee.
  3. The membership fee will be debited pro rata for the year upon confirmation of membership through a previously granted direct debit authorization. From the following year, the annual fee will be paid on September 1st of the year debited.

* At the foundation meeting of the Association on June 22, 2016, a membership fee of € 40.00 euros per year was decided.

We welcome any support. We guarantee that your contributions and donations arrive directly where they are needed.