Our children’s home in Khamjin, Nepal will open on May 1st, 2019. The children’s home currently has capacity for eight children, and expansion is planned soon. It is open to orphans, half-orphans and children who could not attend the local school due to the long way to school. Our school, can be reached with a ten-minute walk from the children’s home. The children are between five and ten years old and attend school from grade one to five.

The children’s home is under a dual leadership team, employing a cook and foster mother as well as an English teacher. The English teacher also takes over the English lessons at the school. Through the children’s home, we enable children who would otherwise not be able to attend school to have access to education. In the past, the school was only attended by around six children.  We are able to more than double the number of students through the children’s home.

In addition to the bedrooms and lounges, the children’s home has a classroom and study room with two computers. These are equipped with learning programs in English and Nepali, so that the children also have learning opportunities outside of school hours.